No One Ever Told Me I Would Be This Poor

Poor…… I used to laugh at the thought of poor college students thinking that would never be me. Instead, I sit here hoping that the negative balance in my account will magically turn positive in the next few days. Even a few dollars would help the fact that I could get some food in the fridge. I can’t even afford a pack of ramen.

Looking back, I was an idiot for thinking I was exempt to this idea that now is reality. But back then, I didn’t have to worry. I have had a job since the age of 8…. yes 8! I put myself to work during the summers selling lemonade on our busy street corner. I used my innocence to create revenue. I was raking in the dough. Almost 200 dollars a day. Business even picked up when the local news did a story on the girl who could sell pitchers of lemonade to people at the drop of the hat.

Once I was too old, I started working at our family candy shop. To a kid this is the best job in the world…. for a while that is. Then it becomes overwhelming too the point of just hearing about candy makes you cry. Even then I forced myself to keep earning money and stashing it away for when the opportunity was right.

After working at a vet clinic, for five years, I was ready to start college. 22,000 is what I had saved and that is what I had been saving it for. Somehow college managed to wipe my pockets clean. For something that took me 11 years to save had been wiped out in less than 2.

2 whole years and everything my life revolved around was gone. And now I sit here refreshing my account web page in hopes that maybe tomorrow I might actually get to go to the store to buy some ramen. It’s still negative.










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