A Birthday Gift, A Competition, and A Boy

IMG00593-20110806-1517“I have a problem,” I told my roommate over the phone.

“Not again. It’s like the third time this week,” she sighed. I could tell she was shaking her head.

“I can’t help it. I’m addicted. From now on, anytime I mention this slap me silly because I need to stop….like now,” I looked down at what I was holding. I really couldn’t help it.

Now let’s back up. It all started with a birthday gift I had given to my roommate. She was always complaining about how she never does anything fun. So for her birthday I put together a booklet of cheap activities she could do over the summer. They were fun, simple, and brought a ton of laughs with them. One day we decided to do two at once. So we headed to the mall.

We had 45 minutes to find the creepiest object we could under 5 dollars. The other was to find as many things as possible under 10 dollars. It was on! Now when I gave this booklet to my roommate I meant for it to be fun and relaxing. But when it comes to competitions nobody better stand in my way because I will beat you down to win. I’m sort of a sore loser…. I’m not afraid to admit that.

Anyways, there was only 10 minutes left and I had only gotten the 5 dollar item. I was rushing in and out of stores trying to find the best possibility of finding something cheap with as many things attached to it as possible. I ran into a store and found the closest employee. He turned around and even though my heart was beating fast from the adrenaline it stopped instantly.

“Hhhh, hi,” I choked out trying to catch my breath. He was beautiful. I would describe him more but their isn’t enough words to describe his beauty. Finally, when I was actually able to form words, I told him my situation and he lead me straight to the socks. They were buy one get one meaning I could get two packs for the price of ten dollars. 40 items total if you didn’t count them as a pair. I surely had to win. I looked at my phone seeing I still had 8 minutes to spare.

Those eight minutes were the best eight minutes of my life as I had Jason, he finally introduced himself, lead me around the store. But sadly enough the 8 minutes were up and I had to leave because even though I thought I had run into the guy of my dreams I HAD to win the competition.

For the next couple of weeks I had went back to the store in hopes of “running” into Jason. I would wander around looking through the merchandise and seeing all the great deals patiently waiting for Jason to show up (I know this is probably considered stalking but it was for a good cause… my relationship status). Every time I would buy something off the clearance rack (to make it look like I was actually shopping). Their shirts were amazing and only two to three dollars each. What a steal!

So now I was going not for Jason but the deals. I was going two to three times a week and still am.  I work at a retail store and yet my closet is filled with this one brand. From socks, shoes, shirts, and even hats! It really is a problem. I don’t think I have obsessed over something like this ever before. It has been over two weeks since the last time I went and now that I am thinking about it I am going to break that streak. I’m going tomorrow. It’s a plan.

For those of you who want to know…… The store is Rue21 and as I’m typing this my entire outfit I am wearing is from there. Jason no longer works there so at least I won’t have a restraining order against me anytime soon. The employees know me by name….. seriously I have a problem. And last, I won the 10 dollar challenge but lost the 5 dollar one-BLAST!


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