Just Five More Minutes

IMG00499-20110220-0010Napping…….. I love napping. In kindergarten everyone hated naps because what if they missed out on something important. Like Johnny sticking a jelly bean up his nose. But now they are the best thing in the world besides puppies and chocolate of course. I never used to take naps in high school because I was too busy. Seven full hours of school, get home eat a healthy snack to tie me over until dinner, go to work for a few hours, get back to the house to do a few hours of homework, and then right to bed. That was my daily schedule. There was no time for napping.

Then college happened. I don’t know how I ever made it in high school going seven hours a day when now I’m only going 3 to 4 hours. I get home and instantly go straight for the pillows. Obviously college is more hectic as far as information being absorbed in your brain goes but you wouldn’t think I would need a nap everyday. And by nap, I mean 2 hour long naps.

Now, I don’t know when the term napping actually turns into sleeping. Is there a point of after 3 hours you are sleeping or maybe over 4? I’m not sure. Recently, at work we had an argument on how long it takes before you go into REM sleep to be considered sleeping rather than napping. I personally think that if you are tired enough the brain will switch to REM no matter how long you have been asleep for. I only say this because I can have a dream within a 20 minute nap period. Others were saying that isn’t true and 4 hours is the allotted amount of time for it to be considered sleep. So when does napping actually become napping? I could do some research on the matter but I am too tired to go look it up. So I’m going to go take a nap now. Let me know what you guys think.






4 thoughts on “Just Five More Minutes

  1. for me also, a nap has to be about 2 hour long, anything less than that and I feel groggy and just plain irritated.
    I plan to sleep for 5 minutes but wake up 2 hours in the future…
    There’s no helping it.

    • I do the same thing. I have also heard you should sleep in two hour increments for the best results has far as brain activity goes. Who knows if that’s true but it is cool to think about.

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