I’m Not Saying True Love Isn’t Real…… But C’mon!

LoveI hate love stories. Well I shouldn’t say I hate them. I should say I hate how they are betrayed in books. I mention this because lately every book I read ends up with an average girl falling for the hot bad boy who in the end falls for her. All is dandy. All this takes place in a matter of days and of course they are each others true love.

This kind of story drives me nuts! I always complain to people after reading a novel because that is not actually how it works. People don’t just magically fall in love within a day. Especially when they hardly know each other and it’s their first time experiencing falling for someone. Love is supposed to be awkward and childish and it takes time before you can get comfortable with the person you like. At least that is how I think it should go. I know it’s a book with an imaginary world but at least make it somewhat realistic. The authors always have these far fetched romanticized dates the characters go through that no 16 year old would actually be able to pull off.

One example of course is Twilight. I actually read this series before it became so popular that no one even likes it anymore. Here we have the average girl falling for a hot supernatural guy almost instantly even though they haven’t said a word to each other. Another is Divergent. I read the series back in November. I had no clue it was going to become a movie I just happened to stumble upon it one day while meandering through Barnes and Noble. I loved the concept of the story but once they had Tris (the main character) fall for the main guy (Four) it all went down from there. Over a period of days they had fallen in love having these big in depth conversations about their lives. Seriously, what 16 year old do you know who do this. Like c’mon!

I hate that novels have to have a sub plot of love when the main plot could stand on its own. I think this is the reason why authors have such a hard time portraying love because they have to rush it instead of just letting it slowing grow.

The whole reason I’m bringing up this topic is because I probably just finished the best love story out there. Last night, I decided to give Eleanor and Park, written by Rainbow Rowell, a try. I finished it pretty fast. It is an easy read with only 325 pages. The whole story was focused on how Eleanor and Park fell for each other. It was awkward yet sweet, realistic as far as what a real date would be like for a 16 year old, and the characters weren’t stereotypical. Park is an average cute boy who happens to be half Asian while Eleanor is a redhead somewhat on the larger side. The story shows how they deal with their family situations which portrayed actual problems kids have to deal with while growing up.

Not only that but it takes place over an entire year. This right here made me the happiest of all. Rowell did such a great job bringing love back to basics. It shows that anyone can fall in love and we don’t need these outlandish scenes to prove it. It was an awesome book and I recommend everyone to read it.



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