One Trip Down The Rabbit Hole… If You Know What I Mean

IMG00780-20130126-1847What I am about to tell you is a true story. Well at least I think it is. You know how stories can become more extravagant and outrageous the more times they have been said/passed on. I heard this story from my roommate, who heard it from an acquaintance, who experienced it first hand. So this story can’t be too far fetched right?

Anyways, here it goes. For an easier read, let’s name the acquaintance Joey.

Joey and two of his friends heard that their favorite band was playing. The downside, it was at a rave….. in the middle of a dense forest…. about 40 miles away from the nearest human life form. Even though they had never been to a rave the three of them HAD to see their favorite band…. no matter how many weirdos might be out there.

It was a three day event, so they packed up their camping gear and slowly made their way through the many trails the forest had created. Eventually, they made it to the large clearing. Hundreds of tents outlined the forest edge leaving space center stage to enjoy the music. Apparently, the three days flew by.

It was the last day, Joey and his friends were packing up enjoying the last few moments they had left. A man came up and asked if they wanted some eye drops since the weather was so dry. The friends obliged.

Joey noticed that the drops stung as he blinked the fuzziness away. “What kind of drops are those? He asked watching as his friends squeezed the liquid into their eyes.

“This?” The guy pointed to the bottle laughing. “Oh this is just acid, don’t worry too much about it.”

Joey and his friends looked at each other with fright. They had to leave…! They practically ran back to the car located a mile or so from the camp site. The entire way scared of what was about to happen to them.

This next part is unclear as to why they decided driving was a good idea while on acid but the three of them found themselves driving endlessly through the deep forest as crazy images started appearing. It had now become dark and of course they were lost when they spotted something in the middle of the dirt road. They pulled over and went to investigate.

“It’s a troll!” One of the friends shouted with glee. The other two followed and found what their friend said to be true. After sometime playing with the magical troll, they decided to bring it back with them to the hotel they were going to be staying at.

Once at the hotel, they locked the troll in the closet afraid it might try to escape.

Joey, a few hours later, woke first shaking the other two awake. “I’m never trusting anybody ever again,” he told them as he slowly got ready. “Last night was too crazy.”

“Yeah, I can’t believe we all hallucinated bringing back a troll,” one of the others laughed. The three of them looked at each other then and slowly to the closet door. Did they actually bring something back with them? and if so what was it?

Joey slowly made his way over to the door. Twisting the knob he peered in, “Oh shit.”

The others came over to investigate why Joey’s face looked like he had seen a ghost. There, asleep on the floor, was a little girl. Yes, that’s right, you read that correctly. A little girl! They had kidnapped a little girl.

Of course, they panicked but they knew they had to go to the police. Come to find out they had not, in fact, kidnapped a little girl. Instead, they had saved a little girl who had been missing for months. To their luck, someone had previously kidnapped her and was hiding out in the forest with her.

This story has a happy ending but I always tell it to people. I tell this story as a lesson to people who are active in the drug world. I want them to have second thoughts on whether they should do them or not. I have never done drugs in my life and never plan on it. Especially after what these friends had to go through together. Some people say smoking weed is harmless but it is one life choice I intend to keep. For those who don’t, that is their life choice and they can stick with it but they have to remember there are consequences.



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