You’re That Type Of Person: A List Of Students You Find In A College Classroom

college-classroomIn high school, everyone is placed into a stereotypical group. There’s the jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, druggies, etc. But once you are in college, those don’t seem to matter. It doesn’t mean they aren’t still there because they are. Just nobody cares. They all seem to blend together as people cross over from one to another enjoying the new experiences that come along.

Even with the blending there are just some people you see and know right away which group they belong to. So with that said here is a list of people you might find while sitting in class.

1. Am I Late Again?– These people never seem to know when class starts. Even if they were to wake up a few minutes early everyday they would still manage to be late.

2. Electronics Are My World– Instead of paying attention to the lecture they sit playing on their computers or phones the entire time. What’s the point of even coming to class if you aren’t going to pay attention in the first place?

3. The Know It All– The students that have to make a remark about everything the teacher says just to make themselves look better than everyone else. We get it…. you’re smart.

4. The Question Guy– There is always that one guy that asks about five to ten questions a lecture even thought the teacher had just said the answer. It’s called office hours. Ask them then.

5. The Friends– They sit together in every class constantly whispering/ gossiping about everything and everyone. Do that outside of class so the rest of us can pay attention.

6. All I Need Is The Syllabus– This is the person that shows up on the first day of class and the only other time you see them is during testing days. Good for you…. unless you are failing because most likely you are.

7. The Food Eaters – Bringing food to class is fine but when it is something like a bag of chips or carrots it just gets annoying to hear…rustle, rustle, rustle…..chomp, chomp chomp. I practically can’t hear myself think let alone the teacher talking.

8. Can You Go Back?– It isn’t necessary to write down every word the teacher speaks but there are those people who’s pens don’t leave the paper. Their poor hand.

9. The Cool Guy– They walk in thinking they own the place and sit in their desk as if it was a lounge chair. You don’t look cool…. you look like you have bad posture.

10. There Won’t Be A Curve– You know exactly who these people are. They sit in the front of the classroom and they get 100 on every test because their life is dedicated to studying. Thanks to them your 89 won’t get moved up to an A.

11. Listening Is Key– Not a single piece of paper or one pen sits on the desk. Instead, they sit quietly listening to the teacher. How can you remember the little things? I really want to know.

12. Ski Much?– These people live on the slopes. They bring all their equipment to class and even have goggle face. If only I was skilled enough.

13. Athletes– they always show up to class in workout clothes and carrying their Nike drawstring bags. How do they fit their school books/supplies in that tiny bag?

14. The Agi’s You know they are in the Agriculture department when all they wear are cowboy hats/shoes and a plaid shirt. Make sure to have your stuff off the floor because they might get mud all over it.

15. Hipster– They of course are listening to bands you never heard of or have the thick black rimmed glasses with no lens in them. Sorry, the new hipster thing to do is not actually be hipster anymore.

Well there’s the list. I’ve always wondered where I would fit in but I guess I will never find out. I made this in lecture today while looking around the classroom. It shows that even though we might be completely different people as far as lifestyle goes we can still like the same subjects, ideas, and thoughts. Let me know what group you fit in or maybe one I missed that should be added. I know there is plenty of more out there!


4 thoughts on “You’re That Type Of Person: A List Of Students You Find In A College Classroom

  1. Today, while I was at work, my sister stole my apple ipad and tested to see if it can survive a 30 foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My apple ipad is now broken and she has 83 views. I know this is entirely off topic but I had to share it with someone! gdceddedcdab

  2. You forgot one… The Cynic – You may not ever notice this unhappy person, but rest assured, they have noticed you. Not only have they noticed you, they’ve catalogued all of your weaknesses and used them to classify you into some arbitrary group, likely contrived unknowingly from their own insecurities. The cynic can be identified by catching them making one of many disapproving faces accompanied by various “scoffs” and “tsks” as they eagerly scan the room.

  3. This is funny. I also like the picture. 🙂 As one professor, I can tell you it’s very difficult managing all these different personalities, and sometimes we give up.

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