Finding The Perfect Prince Charming

disney-prince-charming-beckhamEvery little girl wants to have the perfect prince charming come and sweep them off their feet. I was never like that. Instead, I was the tom boy playing football with the boys. Even as I grew older, I never had any intention of dating. I found it stupid and childish. What is the point of dating if you are only going to date for two weeks? I mean, I had my crushes and flirting down to a T but overall I never really let it go anywhere because I knew nothing good would come of it.

Now that I’m in my early twenties and ready to graduate I thought it was time to get out of the old mind-set and start looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. It just happened one night my roommate and I started talking about the perfect boyfriend. Of course everyone one wants them to be funny and have a good looks but what about other qualities. Instead of describing our own dream guy, I described a guy I saw my roommate with and she did the same for me.

People see you differently than you see yourself so I figured this would be a good activity. Let me just say I was surprised in who she described for me. She pictured me with a guy who is patient, creative, adventurous, confident, kind, has a smaller family, a handy man, able to let his inner child out every once in a while, and most of all can cook.

Some of these qualities had me wondering. She went on to explain. Patient in taking the relationship slowly especially because I don’t like jumping into things. Creative because she finds me thinking outside the box and would like the guy to do the same. I’m not the most adventurous person there is, so someone who can push me to explore and do things I haven’t done before would be good for me.

He has to be confident to take the lead in unfamiliar situations. I am getting better at it but going to a place with people I don’t know sort of scares me so if he can take the lead it wouldn’t make me as nervous (my roommate knows me pretty well…just saying). He has to be kind not to only me, but my friends. I love hanging out with my friends and even if he doesn’t like them he still needs to be kind.

I’m an only child and am not too much into family. Nothing is wrong with family but it would be nice if he had the same feelings. I don’t mind seeing the parents every once in a while but otherwise I do my own thing. Not only that but I have known since I was six that I don’t want children so he has to be willing to not have any.

The guy also has to be able to fix whatever might be broken. I’m perfectly fine at fixing things but it would be nice if he could just do it so I don’t have to. My roommate knows I love to have fun so if he could let loose without going to crazy or being immature we could have a lot of fun nights. Last and probably most important… cooking is a must. I am not allowed in our kitchen because of reasons that are not going to be discussed so if he could cook that would be awesome.

Once she explained these qualities I realized that it was true. I needed someone with these qualities. I would have never thought of them if she hadn’t pointed them out (I always imagined marrying Zac Efron… because that was going to happen). Notice none of these had to do with how he looked or if he was a millionaire. I think most people forget to look past these physical attributes. But my roommate knows that I don’t care about those things. Instead, I want to be best friends and love each other for who we are. And that right there is my perfect prince charming.





4 thoughts on “Finding The Perfect Prince Charming

  1. Great post! I’m still a tomboy who plays football and doesn’t see the point of dating though….maybe I’ll move past it

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