Window Pain

mom holding handsThroughout our lives we have plenty of embarrassing moments. Some define us, some make for a good story, and others make us wish we were never born. I have had a mix of all of these. As I have gotten older, I have been able to laugh them off more than I used too proving to myself and others we can move on with our lives because that moment was only a spec in time.

But I will always remember the first time being embarrassed.

It was a nice summer day and I was spending it with my mom and her best friend. It was fun at first but an 8 year can only last so long. We were stopping by what seemed like the 100th store of the day and their constant jabbering had not wavered since meeting up earlier in the day. From the talking, to driving, to looking through all the different stores I had acquired a headache.
I knew my mom wouldn’t leave me in the car because it was too hot out and she wouldn’t let her 8 year old wander within the store where she could potential get lost or stolen. So I asked if she would hold my hand while I closed my eyes in hopes the headache would disappear.

“Sure, honey,” is all she said as she took mine in hers. After what seemed like an eternity, I could hear my mom and her friend talking to the cashier. Thank goodness, because I was really tired and I knew this was the last stop. I could finally go home and take a nap. With my eyes still closed, my mom dragged me with her as we continued on our way.

WHAM! The next thing I knew my eyes flew open and my head was throbbing worse than it was before. I grabbed my head and looked up to see what had happened. My mom had tried walking out the right side of double doors. I just happened to be holding her left hand meaning my mom ran me into the other glass door!

All of a sudden laughter erupted. My mom and her friend could hardly contain themselves. Other people in the store were also laughing as they witnessed the event. I stormed into the parking lot as my mom and her friend’s laughter followed me.

My mom could barley get out the words as she climbed into the driver’s seat, “I’m sorry, I forgot your eyes were closed.” I didn’t say a single word the whole car ride back as they still continued to laugh.

Now, I look back and laugh at what happened. At the time, I didn’t think it was very funny as embarrassment wash over me but now I think it’s hilarious. Every time I tell the story I die of laughter and tears stream down my face as I relive the moment.

Just remember, parents try to lead their kids in the right direction….. sometimes they run them into doors. It happens.


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