This Is Our House

My roommates and I have been living together for the past two years. None of us knew each other prior to moving in. Lucky for us, everything worked out great. One of them even turned out to be my best friend (not saying the other isn’t great too but we have more things in common). We each have our own busy schedules so we aren’t home too much with each other. This leaves the house clean and empty most of the time.

My one roommate Rochell is the mom of the house. She takes care of the bills, cleans when she gets nervous, and makes sure everything is running smoothly while working 60 hours a week. She doesn’t have a lot of friends which is understandable when you work so much but at the same time she likes being by herself. She likes to lock herself in her room and not come out for hours. Even when people are over she doesn’t socialize. I know everyone is different when it comes to groups but sometimes I wish she would let loose and have some fun.

Becca, on the other hand, works two jobs while going to school. Like Rochell she doesn’t have very many friends but makes the most out of the ones she has. She is super smart and really nerdy (too the extreme- she just turned 24 and had a Harry Potter birthday party). She loves to read…. a lot. Try three to five novels a day. Becca is also the clumsiest person I have ever meet. The other day she fell while she was walking and somehow managed to scrap both sides of her hands… how does that even happen? She is loud, runs into everything within a three foot radius, and drops anything she is holding.

Then there’s me. I’m not going to spend too much time talking about myself because every post is about me in some way or another. But I do have a lot of friends who I have over pretty often. I’m a little OCD in that I have to have certain objects in certain places or else I go crazy. I always like our house to be nice and clean but have a relaxed personality at the same time. The most important is that I stay calm in hectic situations.

Even though we are all different we seem to manage living together. But this this comes the price. The curse of 510. At least this is our excuse as to why things happen in our house.

The curse includes us breaking things all the time. The other day a bottle of grenadine magically fell off the fridge and covered every white surface in the kitchen making it turn to a bright red. I thought I had cleaned all of it but the next day managed to find it on the ceiling. Rochell being taller than me went to clean it off. Somehow the glass dome covering the kitchen light came crashing down scattering everywhere. Of course, Rochell was wearing sandals and of course, 90 percent of the glass shards made their way into her shoes. That whole mess was fun to clean up. About 80 percent of our glassware has been broken…. we have now switched to plastic kids cups.
Not only that but weird people are always showing up at our door. One night, I about had a hard attack as I was sitting on our porch. I thought I had heard a noise to my left but when I saw nothing I looked back to my right. There a man had stood between me and the door to the house. His eyes were wide and dark as he stared at me.

He held is hand out ,”My spoon broke eating my ice cream.”
“Okay,” was all I could get out.
“Do you have another one?” He asked me still holding out his hand.
“No, but there is Wendy’s two blocks down and they could get you one,” I said in hopes that he would leave.
“Okay, thanks,” He handed me his broken plastic spoon. Once he was off the porch I darted inside locking the door behind me. In my hand laid three broken pieces that would fit together to make a spoon. My hand was sticky from the melting ice cream. I threw away the broken spoon thinking about what occurred. I realized when the man had talked to me he held nothing else but the spoon. So where did the ice cream go and if he didn’t have any ice cream why would he need another spoon. That night I didn’t sleep every good.

The worst of the curse is the boy situation. Apparently if you live in our house you are never allowed to have a boyfriend. Ever since we have moved in none of us have had any luck finding a guy.

All in all, this is our house and we are stuck with it. The good and the bad (more like creepy but I’ll stick with the phrase for now). We don’t plan on leaving anytime soon which is fine by me because we all love living here.


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