A Rant About Driving And Manners

Crowded LotBegin rant…..

Why is it when people drive through parking lots they forget how to drive at all? I have been bored all day and decided I should run to Target to waste some time. Everything was fine and dandy until I drove into the parking lot. The second my wheels touch the pavement someone almost hit me. Like really people watch were you’re going!

First off, it is a parking lot so you should slow down because any second a child might run out. Second, it isn’t going to hurt if you have to walk a few more feet because you had to park further out. So stop speeding around trying to find a better spot! Third, there are actual lanes to drive in! Just because it’s a lot doesn’t mean you need drive your way through the parked cars.

Also, why does everyone forget their manners? Wait for the car to drive by and then walk out. Don’t assume the car is going to see you and step out in front of it. If you do decide to step in front of a car, walk at a fairly fast pace. Don’t take your sweet time across because I could have driven home by the time you make it to your car. Also don’t walk in the middle of a lane. Step to the side so cars can drive past you.

Not only do people forget their manners in the parking lot but in the store too. How are you not aware of me standing a few feet away from you? At least say sorry when you hit me with your cart. Or if you see me heading to look at a product don’t walk in front of me and then take your time looking around. It was obvious I had a good stride going and now you are blocking my way. That’s called being rude. Seriously, have some awareness and respect toward other shoppers. It makes life a little easier if you do.

I realize I might do these exact same things to other people without knowing it but at least I say sorry or excuse me when I do finally realize. Sorry about the rant but it was bothering me all day. This happened at several stores I went to and it just drives me bonkers.

End rant.



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