I’m usually really good at being in high intense situations. Working retail for example. I can usually handle 5 people wanting my attention at once while ringing up a customer while also being on the phone. That is what a normal day is like. But today I could NOT handle it.

The first two hours of my shift were the worst two hours I have ever had to work. People who have been working there longer than I have were asking me the simplest questions. Not only that but they were when I was with a customer. Hello? Open your eyes…. the customer always comes first. Plus you have been working here how long? Do it yourself or ask someone who isn’t busy.

Now I know I am one of the main people to come to when someone has a question because I know the entire store but sometimes people need to be able to figure things out for themselves. I was to the point when I went on break I was almost in tears. If anyone knows me at all they know I DON’T cry…. it was that bad. One of the Area Supervisors was in the same boat as well. She never cries and was in tears when she left.

Thankfully, it got a little better by the end of the night when I lightened up a bit. I’m just glad I didn’t have to deal with cranky customers especially since it is so busy with Easter coming up.

Well that’s all I have to complain about right now. Until next time!


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