Everyone Should Volunteer!


My coworkers swinging after the pick-up!

One awesome thing about my job is the volunteering. Every time five employees volunteer for three hours at an event $500 dollars goes to the charity/fundraiser that is taking place. Tonight, we were able to raise $1500 dollars for the girl scouts. Not only that, but the park we were at is now free of garbage! This makes me especially happy because my best friend and I bring her dog there all the time and it’s nice to see it cleaned up.

I think most people forget how fun volunteering can actually be… even me. Tonight after the clean up we barbecued and played on the playground equipment. It reminded me of my childhood as I jumped off the swing and slid down the very small slide. I even made new memories that I will share with my friends and co-workers. Overall, it was a successful night and I loved it.

My conclusion to this is that more people should volunteer! Even as I write this, I realize I need to take my own advice because volunteering is fun and you can make knew friendships and find new hobbies out of it! I’s easy and the joy you get out of it is awesome!





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