Everyone Should Volunteer!


My coworkers swinging after the pick-up!

One awesome thing about my job is the volunteering. Every time five employees volunteer for three hours at an event $500 dollars goes to the charity/fundraiser that is taking place. Tonight, we were able to raise $1500 dollars for the girl scouts. Not only that, but the park we were at is now free of garbage! This makes me especially happy because my best friend and I bring her dog there all the time and it’s nice to see it cleaned up.

I think most people forget how fun volunteering can actually be… even me. Tonight after the clean up we barbecued and played on the playground equipment. It reminded me of my childhood as I jumped off the swing and slid down the very small slide. I even made new memories that I will share with my friends and co-workers. Overall, it was a successful night and I loved it.

My conclusion to this is that more people should volunteer! Even as I write this, I realize I need to take my own advice because volunteering is fun and you can make knew friendships and find new hobbies out of it! I’s easy and the joy you get out of it is awesome!





A Rant About Driving And Manners

Crowded LotBegin rant…..

Why is it when people drive through parking lots they forget how to drive at all? I have been bored all day and decided I should run to Target to waste some time. Everything was fine and dandy until I drove into the parking lot. The second my wheels touch the pavement someone almost hit me. Like really people watch were you’re going!

First off, it is a parking lot so you should slow down because any second a child might run out. Second, it isn’t going to hurt if you have to walk a few more feet because you had to park further out. So stop speeding around trying to find a better spot! Third, there are actual lanes to drive in! Just because it’s a lot doesn’t mean you need drive your way through the parked cars.

Also, why does everyone forget their manners? Wait for the car to drive by and then walk out. Don’t assume the car is going to see you and step out in front of it. If you do decide to step in front of a car, walk at a fairly fast pace. Don’t take your sweet time across because I could have driven home by the time you make it to your car. Also don’t walk in the middle of a lane. Step to the side so cars can drive past you.

Not only do people forget their manners in the parking lot but in the store too. How are you not aware of me standing a few feet away from you? At least say sorry when you hit me with your cart. Or if you see me heading to look at a product don’t walk in front of me and then take your time looking around. It was obvious I had a good stride going and now you are blocking my way. That’s called being rude. Seriously, have some awareness and respect toward other shoppers. It makes life a little easier if you do.

I realize I might do these exact same things to other people without knowing it but at least I say sorry or excuse me when I do finally realize. Sorry about the rant but it was bothering me all day. This happened at several stores I went to and it just drives me bonkers.

End rant.


Finding The Perfect Prince Charming

disney-prince-charming-beckhamEvery little girl wants to have the perfect prince charming come and sweep them off their feet. I was never like that. Instead, I was the tom boy playing football with the boys. Even as I grew older, I never had any intention of dating. I found it stupid and childish. What is the point of dating if you are only going to date for two weeks? I mean, I had my crushes and flirting down to a T but overall I never really let it go anywhere because I knew nothing good would come of it.

Now that I’m in my early twenties and ready to graduate I thought it was time to get out of the old mind-set and start looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with. It just happened one night my roommate and I started talking about the perfect boyfriend. Of course everyone one wants them to be funny and have a good looks but what about other qualities. Instead of describing our own dream guy, I described a guy I saw my roommate with and she did the same for me.

People see you differently than you see yourself so I figured this would be a good activity. Let me just say I was surprised in who she described for me. She pictured me with a guy who is patient, creative, adventurous, confident, kind, has a smaller family, a handy man, able to let his inner child out every once in a while, and most of all can cook.

Some of these qualities had me wondering. She went on to explain. Patient in taking the relationship slowly especially because I don’t like jumping into things. Creative because she finds me thinking outside the box and would like the guy to do the same. I’m not the most adventurous person there is, so someone who can push me to explore and do things I haven’t done before would be good for me.

He has to be confident to take the lead in unfamiliar situations. I am getting better at it but going to a place with people I don’t know sort of scares me so if he can take the lead it wouldn’t make me as nervous (my roommate knows me pretty well…just saying). He has to be kind not to only me, but my friends. I love hanging out with my friends and even if he doesn’t like them he still needs to be kind.

I’m an only child and am not too much into family. Nothing is wrong with family but it would be nice if he had the same feelings. I don’t mind seeing the parents every once in a while but otherwise I do my own thing. Not only that but I have known since I was six that I don’t want children so he has to be willing to not have any.

The guy also has to be able to fix whatever might be broken. I’m perfectly fine at fixing things but it would be nice if he could just do it so I don’t have to. My roommate knows I love to have fun so if he could let loose without going to crazy or being immature we could have a lot of fun nights. Last and probably most important… cooking is a must. I am not allowed in our kitchen because of reasons that are not going to be discussed so if he could cook that would be awesome.

Once she explained these qualities I realized that it was true. I needed someone with these qualities. I would have never thought of them if she hadn’t pointed them out (I always imagined marrying Zac Efron… because that was going to happen). Notice none of these had to do with how he looked or if he was a millionaire. I think most people forget to look past these physical attributes. But my roommate knows that I don’t care about those things. Instead, I want to be best friends and love each other for who we are. And that right there is my perfect prince charming.




My Fear Landscape: Acknowledging My Worst Fears


A few months ago I came across a book. Divergent. In the book, it discusses our greatest fears and how to break free of them. By injecting a special serum, the character’s fears play out in a series of hallucinations. Once they overcome a fear another hallucination materializes. This continues until you have conquered ever single fear you have bringing you back to reality. This is known as a fear landscape. After reading the series, I came up with my own fear landscape.

1. Presenting – I hate presentations. Apparently I do really good with them but getting in front of people makes me freak out. My whole body starts to sweat and I talk really fast. I think I might be getting over this fear because I just did a two hour presentation a few weeks ago and did great. It might have been because I freak out the night before scaring my roommate half to death….. but that’s not the point.

2. Driving In The Middle Of Nowhere And Getting Lost– I think this one pretty much explains itself. I have had this one since I was really little and is probably the worst fear I have. Of course, this happened to me not too long ago making me realize it is okay to be afraid of this one.

3. Things With Multiple Tiny Holes– I know this sounds strange but stuff, such as wood, with deep tiny holes close together gives me the creeps. I have no clue why but I can’t stand it. I can’t even look or touch whatever it is without freaking out. My best friend also has this fear so at least I am not the only one.

4. Hospitals– I know a lot of people don’t like hospitals But it gets really bad. I start hyperventilating and my blood pressure skyrockets. This happens every time I walk into the hospital…. even if I’m there to visit.

5. Native American Music– I don’t want to offend anyone with this fear because I know it is cultural but the music is really intense. I feel like something is coming down upon me and I can’t shake it. My roommate even shares this fear with me.

6. Crying– I never cry so when other people start to cry I sprint for the door. I’m not very good at comforting people.

7. The Elderly – I know what you are thinking. ‘But what’s wrong with the elderly?’ I don’t have an answer for that. All I know is that I hate being around old people. My grandparents and family friends are exceptions to that, of course, but if they aren’t either one of those you won’t see me around them.

8. Vacuums– Vacuuming is probably one of the easiest chores because all you’re doing is pushing a machine around while it picks up everything for you… but I hate it. The noise that comes from the vacuum terrifies me. I literally have to mentally prepare myself before I do it. Sometimes it takes me an hour before I get the nerves to even plug the thing in. It’s awful.

9. Pain– nobody likes to feel pain mentally, emotionally, or physically. I can deal with the mental and emotional pain just fine but when it comes to physical pain I’m done.

10. Talking On Phones – This is another fear I have to mentally prepare myself for. I can talk to people I know just fine but when it comes to calling/talking to strangers over the phone I get all nervous and start to panic. I never know what to say. Ugh.

So those are my fears. I know that they are strange and weird fears to have considering most people are afraid of spiders, snakes, or heights. For fun, I thought I would put them into one large fear landscape…..

I stood in front of the class. I could feel the dripping down my neck. I hated presenting. I flipped to the next slide which contained a short video I made. I was alone, driving in the middle of nowhere and by the looks of it I was lost. I was looking at a map trying to figure out where I was going when I hit something. I got out of the car to make sure it wasn’t an animal. But to my dismay, it was an old log with tiny holes scattered throughout and it had punctured my tire, leaving me stranded. I decided to abandon my car in hopes of finding someone to help. I stumbled upon an old broken down hospital and made my way inside. Native American music playing overhead was drowned out by the crying seeping from the rooms. I looked to my right, an elderly couple sat patiently waiting for a nurse or doctor to walk by. To my left, an old-timed janitor was vacuuming the lobby carpet. I could feel the pain of the people who had come in and out of this place. “Kali,” I heard a voice call my name. I looked up realizing the receptionist was focused on me. “It’s for you,” she held out the phone for me to take. 

And there we have it. All my fears in one creepy story. Let me know what weird/strange fears you have!



You’re That Type Of Person: A List Of Students You Find In A College Classroom

college-classroomIn high school, everyone is placed into a stereotypical group. There’s the jocks, nerds, cheerleaders, druggies, etc. But once you are in college, those don’t seem to matter. It doesn’t mean they aren’t still there because they are. Just nobody cares. They all seem to blend together as people cross over from one to another enjoying the new experiences that come along.

Even with the blending there are just some people you see and know right away which group they belong to. So with that said here is a list of people you might find while sitting in class.

1. Am I Late Again?– These people never seem to know when class starts. Even if they were to wake up a few minutes early everyday they would still manage to be late.

2. Electronics Are My World– Instead of paying attention to the lecture they sit playing on their computers or phones the entire time. What’s the point of even coming to class if you aren’t going to pay attention in the first place?

3. The Know It All– The students that have to make a remark about everything the teacher says just to make themselves look better than everyone else. We get it…. you’re smart.

4. The Question Guy– There is always that one guy that asks about five to ten questions a lecture even thought the teacher had just said the answer. It’s called office hours. Ask them then.

5. The Friends– They sit together in every class constantly whispering/ gossiping about everything and everyone. Do that outside of class so the rest of us can pay attention.

6. All I Need Is The Syllabus– This is the person that shows up on the first day of class and the only other time you see them is during testing days. Good for you…. unless you are failing because most likely you are.

7. The Food Eaters – Bringing food to class is fine but when it is something like a bag of chips or carrots it just gets annoying to hear…rustle, rustle, rustle…..chomp, chomp chomp. I practically can’t hear myself think let alone the teacher talking.

8. Can You Go Back?– It isn’t necessary to write down every word the teacher speaks but there are those people who’s pens don’t leave the paper. Their poor hand.

9. The Cool Guy– They walk in thinking they own the place and sit in their desk as if it was a lounge chair. You don’t look cool…. you look like you have bad posture.

10. There Won’t Be A Curve– You know exactly who these people are. They sit in the front of the classroom and they get 100 on every test because their life is dedicated to studying. Thanks to them your 89 won’t get moved up to an A.

11. Listening Is Key– Not a single piece of paper or one pen sits on the desk. Instead, they sit quietly listening to the teacher. How can you remember the little things? I really want to know.

12. Ski Much?– These people live on the slopes. They bring all their equipment to class and even have goggle face. If only I was skilled enough.

13. Athletes– they always show up to class in workout clothes and carrying their Nike drawstring bags. How do they fit their school books/supplies in that tiny bag?

14. The Agi’s You know they are in the Agriculture department when all they wear are cowboy hats/shoes and a plaid shirt. Make sure to have your stuff off the floor because they might get mud all over it.

15. Hipster– They of course are listening to bands you never heard of or have the thick black rimmed glasses with no lens in them. Sorry, the new hipster thing to do is not actually be hipster anymore.

Well there’s the list. I’ve always wondered where I would fit in but I guess I will never find out. I made this in lecture today while looking around the classroom. It shows that even though we might be completely different people as far as lifestyle goes we can still like the same subjects, ideas, and thoughts. Let me know what group you fit in or maybe one I missed that should be added. I know there is plenty of more out there!

I’m Not Saying True Love Isn’t Real…… But C’mon!

LoveI hate love stories. Well I shouldn’t say I hate them. I should say I hate how they are betrayed in books. I mention this because lately every book I read ends up with an average girl falling for the hot bad boy who in the end falls for her. All is dandy. All this takes place in a matter of days and of course they are each others true love.

This kind of story drives me nuts! I always complain to people after reading a novel because that is not actually how it works. People don’t just magically fall in love within a day. Especially when they hardly know each other and it’s their first time experiencing falling for someone. Love is supposed to be awkward and childish and it takes time before you can get comfortable with the person you like. At least that is how I think it should go. I know it’s a book with an imaginary world but at least make it somewhat realistic. The authors always have these far fetched romanticized dates the characters go through that no 16 year old would actually be able to pull off.

One example of course is Twilight. I actually read this series before it became so popular that no one even likes it anymore. Here we have the average girl falling for a hot supernatural guy almost instantly even though they haven’t said a word to each other. Another is Divergent. I read the series back in November. I had no clue it was going to become a movie I just happened to stumble upon it one day while meandering through Barnes and Noble. I loved the concept of the story but once they had Tris (the main character) fall for the main guy (Four) it all went down from there. Over a period of days they had fallen in love having these big in depth conversations about their lives. Seriously, what 16 year old do you know who do this. Like c’mon!

I hate that novels have to have a sub plot of love when the main plot could stand on its own. I think this is the reason why authors have such a hard time portraying love because they have to rush it instead of just letting it slowing grow.

The whole reason I’m bringing up this topic is because I probably just finished the best love story out there. Last night, I decided to give Eleanor and Park, written by Rainbow Rowell, a try. I finished it pretty fast. It is an easy read with only 325 pages. The whole story was focused on how Eleanor and Park fell for each other. It was awkward yet sweet, realistic as far as what a real date would be like for a 16 year old, and the characters weren’t stereotypical. Park is an average cute boy who happens to be half Asian while Eleanor is a redhead somewhat on the larger side. The story shows how they deal with their family situations which portrayed actual problems kids have to deal with while growing up.

Not only that but it takes place over an entire year. This right here made me the happiest of all. Rowell did such a great job bringing love back to basics. It shows that anyone can fall in love and we don’t need these outlandish scenes to prove it. It was an awesome book and I recommend everyone to read it.