I’m usually really good at being in high intense situations. Working retail for example. I can usually handle 5 people wanting my attention at once while ringing up a customer while also being on the phone. That is what a normal day is like. But today I could NOT handle it.

The first two hours of my shift were the worst two hours I have ever had to work. People who have been working there longer than I have were asking me the simplest questions. Not only that but they were when I was with a customer. Hello? Open your eyes…. the customer always comes first. Plus you have been working here how long? Do it yourself or ask someone who isn’t busy.

Now I know I am one of the main people to come to when someone has a question because I know the entire store but sometimes people need to be able to figure things out for themselves. I was to the point when I went on break I was almost in tears. If anyone knows me at all they know I DON’T cry…. it was that bad. One of the Area Supervisors was in the same boat as well. She never cries and was in tears when she left.

Thankfully, it got a little better by the end of the night when I lightened up a bit. I’m just glad I didn’t have to deal with cranky customers especially since it is so busy with Easter coming up.

Well that’s all I have to complain about right now. Until next time!


You’re That Type of Person: A List Of Customers You Meet While Working Retail

Lil-at-the-cash-registerI have been working retail for about a year and a half now. I love my job and the people I work with. In working there, I have learned a lot of things such as the customer isn’t always right, customers are rude no matter how nice to them you are, and that people think it’s okay to throw merchandise everywhere. I’ve learned/seen many good things as well but sometimes the negative sticks out more than the positive.

Anyways, here’s a list of customers you might come across while working at a retail store.

1. Couponer– They only shop if they have a coupon and if they don’t they ask for one. For the hundredth time I don’t have a coupon for you!

2. Save Every Penny– At the register they are making sure ever item rings up correctly. If it’s off by one penny they make an employee go check the price… twice, because they don’t believe them the first time.

3. Dedicated Customers– They’re in the store two to three times a week, know everyone by name, and don’t blink an eye when things aren’t running smoothly. Because of you, I get a paycheck and enjoy my job while you are there. So thank you for making my life easier.

4. Have You Seen My Children?– These are parents that let their children run around everywhere and don’t take into consideration other customers around them. Of course they give the kids everything they ask for while shopping even though they were just destroying the displays not even two seconds ago. But they wouldn’t know that would they? It’s called discipline people!

5. Three Hours Later– People who spend a copious amount of time in the store at once to only buy one item. What were you doing that entire time?

6. Can You Help Me?– Now there isn’t anything wrong with asking for help but when it’s every two seconds it gets annoying. We have other customers to deal with other than you. Sorry, I don’t know if your aunt is going to like that shirt. I don’t know if those pants will fit you… maybe you should try them on.

7. I Got Away With It- We can see you! You can’t get away with stealing from us. We have over one hundred cameras and can hear you whispering in the fitting rooms about stealing. Nice try though.

8. Change Anyone?– Have you ever seen someone pay for $22.36 worth of items all in change….. because I have! That’s always fun to try and count out.

9. The Cellphone User– They talk on their phone the entire time you are checking them out. Um, you’re welcome. My day is going fine too.

10. The Talker– These customers won’t go away even when you tell them that you have to help someone else. By the time they leave you have heard their entire life story…twice. I have a job to do and can’t hear about how you went to a three year old’s birthday today.

11. Silence Is A Virtue– They have absolutely nothing to say to you… not even a hello. The silence makes for an awkward checkout especially when they won’t stop staring at you.

12. Clearancer– The people somehow manage to fill three carts full of clearance clothes and still only have to pay $50. I once took part in a lady saving $3,442 while only spending $146. It was pretty amazing.

13. The Returner– These customers bring back everything they had purchased. Then they get mad when I can’t give them as much money back because they lost their receipt. It isn’t my fault you didn’t keep it in a safe place.

14. Where’s The Bathroom?– I have at least 5 to 10 people ask me this during a shift. You see that big sign that says Restroom? Follow that.

15. Purse Digger– They dig in their massive purses trying to find their credit cards. Why didn’t you get that out while you were in line instead of pouring your contents on the register and making people wait longer? Excuse me while I read this entire book while you look for that.

16. Line Cutter– These people think it’s okay to pass the people who have been waiting in line because they only have one small question. I will get to you once I have helped these people who have been patiently waiting because the world doesn’t revolve around you.

These are just some of the major customers I run into while at work. Sorry if some of these sounded like I was complaining because I really do like working retail. There are some really nice customers out there that are understanding as well as entertaining. But most people fall into one if not more of the categories whether they like to hear it or not.


What Did You Call Me?

Bozeman-20140404-00179I have been working at my part-time job for over a year and a half now. My position of Customer Service had been given to me because I am positive and easy to work with (directly from the mouth of my boss). Having this position means having more responsibility and most of the time dealing with not so happy customers more often then everyone else. Until recently I have had very few people who weren’t happy with how we run things but apparently, this last weekend, I took it too far.

Now, I do have to say I wasn’t in the best mood but, even then, I put a smile on my face and leave whatever bad was happening at home. When a customer comes in the store we usually have a greeter welcoming and answering any questions about the store. When this couple walked in our greeter was busy discussing a problem with another employee and missed the greeting towards them. Now it isn’t then end of the world if this happens but I could tell right away that they weren’t too happy. So I hurriedly greeted them and they ended up coming my way. They had a few returns and even exchanges that they had to do so I did the return and then pointed in the direction they would have to go to look for the even exchanges.

The entire time they hardly said a word to me and glared. But I just figured they had a bad day or weren’t much into talking as I went through the regular process. After sending them off, it was time for my break. I went into the break room and was enjoying some laughs with fellow co-workers when my boss walked in holding the outfits the customers were going to exchange.

“Do you remember these people,” she asked holding out the clothes to me.

“Yeah I just helped them with a return and they wanted to do an even exchange with those. Why?” I could see she had a concerned look on her face.

“They just told me that you were really rude to them,” She replied back.

“Oh,” I was all I could say. This had never happened to me before at any of the jobs I have ever worked.

“Don’t worry, I don’t believe them, ” She reassured. “But I thought you should know in case you were having a bad day or something. I know you are the most positive person we have here.” (I had won the most positive award at our staff party the year before)

“Thanks,” I said as she left the room. I sat back down and started laughing.

“Are you okay?” One of my co-workers asked.

“I’m fine and I think that is the funniest thing I have ever heard…. being called rude.” I kept laughing until I had to go back to work. Now being called rude might bother some people but it didn’t bother me. This is because I know it isn’t true and I won’t let someone who doesn’t know me ruin my day when their’s was bad.

A few years ago, I might have though differently and let it eat away until the point of stressing me out but not anymore. Working with customers has really helped me develop into someone I like. I am more confident than before. I used to be shy in that I wouldn’t start a conversation with someone unless they spoke to me and now I can talk to anyone about the littlest things. I can actually stand in front of a classroom and do a two hour presentation without fear (yes two hours is correct…. it went by fast though). I don’t take anyone’s crap and will put them in their place if need be. To me, these are so awesome qualities that I have earned and being called rude won’t ruin that for me.

I know sometimes people can be rubbed the wrong way, which is what I think happened in this case, but sometimes people can be plain mean. We have to remember not to let these things get to us because at the end of the day you are an awesome person!