One Trip Down The Rabbit Hole… If You Know What I Mean

IMG00780-20130126-1847What I am about to tell you is a true story. Well at least I think it is. You know how stories can become more extravagant and outrageous the more times they have been said/passed on. I heard this story from my roommate, who heard it from an acquaintance, who experienced it first hand. So this story can’t be too far fetched right?

Anyways, here it goes. For an easier read, let’s name the acquaintance Joey.

Joey and two of his friends heard that their favorite band was playing. The downside, it was at a rave….. in the middle of a dense forest…. about 40 miles away from the nearest human life form. Even though they had never been to a rave the three of them HAD to see their favorite band…. no matter how many weirdos might be out there.

It was a three day event, so they packed up their camping gear and slowly made their way through the many trails the forest had created. Eventually, they made it to the large clearing. Hundreds of tents outlined the forest edge leaving space center stage to enjoy the music. Apparently, the three days flew by.

It was the last day, Joey and his friends were packing up enjoying the last few moments they had left. A man came up and asked if they wanted some eye drops since the weather was so dry. The friends obliged.

Joey noticed that the drops stung as he blinked the fuzziness away. “What kind of drops are those? He asked watching as his friends squeezed the liquid into their eyes.

“This?” The guy pointed to the bottle laughing. “Oh this is just acid, don’t worry too much about it.”

Joey and his friends looked at each other with fright. They had to leave…! They practically ran back to the car located a mile or so from the camp site. The entire way scared of what was about to happen to them.

This next part is unclear as to why they decided driving was a good idea while on acid but the three of them found themselves driving endlessly through the deep forest as crazy images started appearing. It had now become dark and of course they were lost when they spotted something in the middle of the dirt road. They pulled over and went to investigate.

“It’s a troll!” One of the friends shouted with glee. The other two followed and found what their friend said to be true. After sometime playing with the magical troll, they decided to bring it back with them to the hotel they were going to be staying at.

Once at the hotel, they locked the troll in the closet afraid it might try to escape.

Joey, a few hours later, woke first shaking the other two awake. “I’m never trusting anybody ever again,” he told them as he slowly got ready. “Last night was too crazy.”

“Yeah, I can’t believe we all hallucinated bringing back a troll,” one of the others laughed. The three of them looked at each other then and slowly to the closet door. Did they actually bring something back with them? and if so what was it?

Joey slowly made his way over to the door. Twisting the knob he peered in, “Oh shit.”

The others came over to investigate why Joey’s face looked like he had seen a ghost. There, asleep on the floor, was a little girl. Yes, that’s right, you read that correctly. A little girl! They had kidnapped a little girl.

Of course, they panicked but they knew they had to go to the police. Come to find out they had not, in fact, kidnapped a little girl. Instead, they had saved a little girl who had been missing for months. To their luck, someone had previously kidnapped her and was hiding out in the forest with her.

This story has a happy ending but I always tell it to people. I tell this story as a lesson to people who are active in the drug world. I want them to have second thoughts on whether they should do them or not. I have never done drugs in my life and never plan on it. Especially after what these friends had to go through together. Some people say smoking weed is harmless but it is one life choice I intend to keep. For those who don’t, that is their life choice and they can stick with it but they have to remember there are consequences.



When Creatures Attack

IMG00849-20130623-0802I live about a mile and a half away from my job. Until recently, I didn’t own a car and so I would walk. Being from Montana, this would mean getting there through 3 feet deep snow, tropical storms, blazing hot summer days, and wind that could blow a house over. Now I may be exaggerating slightly(not about the snow) but those twenty minutes would be the worst twenty minutes of my life.

I also work weird hours and would sometimes be walking home in complete darkness at 1 in the morning. One afternoon, while I was enjoying the music playing from my iPod, I scanned across a large field that separates residential housing from businesses placed on the outskirts of town. A thought ran through my head as I gazed over the field ,”What would I do if there was a bear out there?” (For those of you who aren’t familiar Montana bears appear everywhere. Several have meandered onto campus a few times. So the chances of a bear being in the field is very likely). Many thoughts raced through my head as I imagined one of the scenarios taking place. I laughed it off and continued home.

The next night, I was again walking by the field, this time though at 1 in the morning. I was looking at my iPod trying to find a song I wanted to listen to when I heard a rustling. I looked up and there in the middle of the field was a large black mass. I stopped dead in my tracks. A freaking bear was only a few yards away from the trail. Still frozen I tried to remember what to do in case of a bear attack. Stop, drop, and roll.. oh wait that’s in case of a fire. Lay down and pretend your dead, right? Right before I was about to lay down my eyes started adjusting. I sighed a huge relief and then started laughing uncontrollably as I realized my mistake. The ‘bear’ was actually a large shrub growing in the middle of what was supposed to be a really flat field. I pretty much laughed the entire way home happy it wasn’t a real bear and also thinking about how big of an idiot I was to think it was a bear. Every time I passed the field, after the incident, I would always chuckle to myself and how we can play our own mind tricks.

So I know the title says “When Creatures Attack”, I am actually getting to the story… I promise…. but I first had to explain my relationship I had with this field.

It was a few months later and the sun’s rays were beating down on me. I was hot and sweaty (not a good way to start work especially when you have to look presentable). Usually, I avoided the field afraid I would get tangled or pricked in the long weeds. But for some reason that day I decided to take a short cut consisting of me walking across it. I could practically feel the A/C waiting for me as I spied the building across the way.

I started my trek and, as before, listening to my music. I was almost there when I looked up from my iPod. Only a few more steps. I looked back down as I placed my right foot. There, literally, touching my shoe was a prairie dog. I stopped, terrified because it had surprised me. We both looked at each other wide-eyed. It seemed like minutes but it was merely a second. Before I knew it the thing lunged itself at me. Over and over again it tried getting up my leg. All I could do was scream and jump up and down. As fast as it began it was over. The thing took off and there I was, alone, standing in the middle of the field.

I looked over to find construction workers staring at me. To them, I probably looked like an idiot girl screaming for no reason…how embarrassing. I quickly made my way inside relieved to get some cool air.

“How’s it going?” A co-worker asked.

“Well, I just got attacked by a prairie dog. How about you?” I laughed.

So now I can say I’ve been attacked by a prairie dog (I bet you can’t). What a weird creature to be attacked by, right?

Just Five More Minutes

IMG00499-20110220-0010Napping…….. I love napping. In kindergarten everyone hated naps because what if they missed out on something important. Like Johnny sticking a jelly bean up his nose. But now they are the best thing in the world besides puppies and chocolate of course. I never used to take naps in high school because I was too busy. Seven full hours of school, get home eat a healthy snack to tie me over until dinner, go to work for a few hours, get back to the house to do a few hours of homework, and then right to bed. That was my daily schedule. There was no time for napping.

Then college happened. I don’t know how I ever made it in high school going seven hours a day when now I’m only going 3 to 4 hours. I get home and instantly go straight for the pillows. Obviously college is more hectic as far as information being absorbed in your brain goes but you wouldn’t think I would need a nap everyday. And by nap, I mean 2 hour long naps.

Now, I don’t know when the term napping actually turns into sleeping. Is there a point of after 3 hours you are sleeping or maybe over 4? I’m not sure. Recently, at work we had an argument on how long it takes before you go into REM sleep to be considered sleeping rather than napping. I personally think that if you are tired enough the brain will switch to REM no matter how long you have been asleep for. I only say this because I can have a dream within a 20 minute nap period. Others were saying that isn’t true and 4 hours is the allotted amount of time for it to be considered sleep. So when does napping actually become napping? I could do some research on the matter but I am too tired to go look it up. So I’m going to go take a nap now. Let me know what you guys think.





A Birthday Gift, A Competition, and A Boy

IMG00593-20110806-1517“I have a problem,” I told my roommate over the phone.

“Not again. It’s like the third time this week,” she sighed. I could tell she was shaking her head.

“I can’t help it. I’m addicted. From now on, anytime I mention this slap me silly because I need to stop….like now,” I looked down at what I was holding. I really couldn’t help it.

Now let’s back up. It all started with a birthday gift I had given to my roommate. She was always complaining about how she never does anything fun. So for her birthday I put together a booklet of cheap activities she could do over the summer. They were fun, simple, and brought a ton of laughs with them. One day we decided to do two at once. So we headed to the mall.

We had 45 minutes to find the creepiest object we could under 5 dollars. The other was to find as many things as possible under 10 dollars. It was on! Now when I gave this booklet to my roommate I meant for it to be fun and relaxing. But when it comes to competitions nobody better stand in my way because I will beat you down to win. I’m sort of a sore loser…. I’m not afraid to admit that.

Anyways, there was only 10 minutes left and I had only gotten the 5 dollar item. I was rushing in and out of stores trying to find the best possibility of finding something cheap with as many things attached to it as possible. I ran into a store and found the closest employee. He turned around and even though my heart was beating fast from the adrenaline it stopped instantly.

“Hhhh, hi,” I choked out trying to catch my breath. He was beautiful. I would describe him more but their isn’t enough words to describe his beauty. Finally, when I was actually able to form words, I told him my situation and he lead me straight to the socks. They were buy one get one meaning I could get two packs for the price of ten dollars. 40 items total if you didn’t count them as a pair. I surely had to win. I looked at my phone seeing I still had 8 minutes to spare.

Those eight minutes were the best eight minutes of my life as I had Jason, he finally introduced himself, lead me around the store. But sadly enough the 8 minutes were up and I had to leave because even though I thought I had run into the guy of my dreams I HAD to win the competition.

For the next couple of weeks I had went back to the store in hopes of “running” into Jason. I would wander around looking through the merchandise and seeing all the great deals patiently waiting for Jason to show up (I know this is probably considered stalking but it was for a good cause… my relationship status). Every time I would buy something off the clearance rack (to make it look like I was actually shopping). Their shirts were amazing and only two to three dollars each. What a steal!

So now I was going not for Jason but the deals. I was going two to three times a week and still am.  I work at a retail store and yet my closet is filled with this one brand. From socks, shoes, shirts, and even hats! It really is a problem. I don’t think I have obsessed over something like this ever before. It has been over two weeks since the last time I went and now that I am thinking about it I am going to break that streak. I’m going tomorrow. It’s a plan.

For those of you who want to know…… The store is Rue21 and as I’m typing this my entire outfit I am wearing is from there. Jason no longer works there so at least I won’t have a restraining order against me anytime soon. The employees know me by name….. seriously I have a problem. And last, I won the 10 dollar challenge but lost the 5 dollar one-BLAST!

What Did You Call Me?

Bozeman-20140404-00179I have been working at my part-time job for over a year and a half now. My position of Customer Service had been given to me because I am positive and easy to work with (directly from the mouth of my boss). Having this position means having more responsibility and most of the time dealing with not so happy customers more often then everyone else. Until recently I have had very few people who weren’t happy with how we run things but apparently, this last weekend, I took it too far.

Now, I do have to say I wasn’t in the best mood but, even then, I put a smile on my face and leave whatever bad was happening at home. When a customer comes in the store we usually have a greeter welcoming and answering any questions about the store. When this couple walked in our greeter was busy discussing a problem with another employee and missed the greeting towards them. Now it isn’t then end of the world if this happens but I could tell right away that they weren’t too happy. So I hurriedly greeted them and they ended up coming my way. They had a few returns and even exchanges that they had to do so I did the return and then pointed in the direction they would have to go to look for the even exchanges.

The entire time they hardly said a word to me and glared. But I just figured they had a bad day or weren’t much into talking as I went through the regular process. After sending them off, it was time for my break. I went into the break room and was enjoying some laughs with fellow co-workers when my boss walked in holding the outfits the customers were going to exchange.

“Do you remember these people,” she asked holding out the clothes to me.

“Yeah I just helped them with a return and they wanted to do an even exchange with those. Why?” I could see she had a concerned look on her face.

“They just told me that you were really rude to them,” She replied back.

“Oh,” I was all I could say. This had never happened to me before at any of the jobs I have ever worked.

“Don’t worry, I don’t believe them, ” She reassured. “But I thought you should know in case you were having a bad day or something. I know you are the most positive person we have here.” (I had won the most positive award at our staff party the year before)

“Thanks,” I said as she left the room. I sat back down and started laughing.

“Are you okay?” One of my co-workers asked.

“I’m fine and I think that is the funniest thing I have ever heard…. being called rude.” I kept laughing until I had to go back to work. Now being called rude might bother some people but it didn’t bother me. This is because I know it isn’t true and I won’t let someone who doesn’t know me ruin my day when their’s was bad.

A few years ago, I might have though differently and let it eat away until the point of stressing me out but not anymore. Working with customers has really helped me develop into someone I like. I am more confident than before. I used to be shy in that I wouldn’t start a conversation with someone unless they spoke to me and now I can talk to anyone about the littlest things. I can actually stand in front of a classroom and do a two hour presentation without fear (yes two hours is correct…. it went by fast though). I don’t take anyone’s crap and will put them in their place if need be. To me, these are so awesome qualities that I have earned and being called rude won’t ruin that for me.

I know sometimes people can be rubbed the wrong way, which is what I think happened in this case, but sometimes people can be plain mean. We have to remember not to let these things get to us because at the end of the day you are an awesome person!

I Heard You The First Time

The worst thing about school……. teachers who go on and on but yet never get to the point. I have had a few of those over the last few years. I realize this continuous ranting and raving about the same topic teaches me nothing. The reason why….. because I stop listening after the first few minutes. I have heard to learn and memorize an idea or concept you have to hear, see, or experience it at least 8 times. But not during the same lecture!

I understand that repeating it a second time gives students time to really understand the material being discussed. But when it appears three, four, or even five more times I just get angry. It’s like ‘Hello, I get it. Move on now’. For people who don’t understand they can go to open office hours….. don’t punish the people who are ready to move on to the next topic. I can see or hear the other 6 times when I am studying for the final.

I know I shouldn’t complain about this because I am not a teacher but there’s a point when you need to stop catering to the one or two people and do what’s best for the class. This brings up another idea that I have had for a while. The institute/university should have the professors, who are mostly their doing research anyways, have to take a public communication course before teaching.

Most of the time professors are only teaching because the school allows them to do their research on campus giving them the equipment and people they need to complete the project. With that though, some have no teaching experience and go in blind. This results in bad grades and very frustrated students. There are some of those teachers that think that just because they understand these outrageous concepts that the students will too. This is not the case, in fact, mostly students are only taking the course because their major requires it or it is a core class. These teachers need to be able to get done to the students level and see it from their eyes.

Also there are the professors who fail everyone. They won’t curve the test though because it’s not their fault the students didn’t get it. Those teachers need to be fired because that is not the point of teaching.

Lastly, the reason why I bring up the communication/speaking course is because presenting the information is the most important part in teaching. My freshman year I had a teacher who would end almost all her with ‘right?’. “So the amino acid goes here, right?” “So water is polar,right?” These sentences also started with ‘so’ because she liked to add that at the being of every sentence as well. I got so distracted by this, I started tallying every time she would say the words. One time I got 90 right’s and 56 so’s. I thought that was a lot until this past semester.

I took a 400 level virology class this past fall and boy did the teacher like to say ‘um’. In one class period I counted 365 marks on my paper and that was after I started 10 minutes in. The next day I counted 465. Exactly 100 tallies more than the day before. This means she was saying ‘um’ on average 9.2 times a minute! Not only did it make her sound like she was dumb and didn’t know the material I stopped taking notes altogether and just tallied. Because that was way more interesting than what she was saying.

So my conclusion to this rant is I should probably stop tallying and write notes.


No One Ever Told Me I Would Be This Poor

Poor…… I used to laugh at the thought of poor college students thinking that would never be me. Instead, I sit here hoping that the negative balance in my account will magically turn positive in the next few days. Even a few dollars would help the fact that I could get some food in the fridge. I can’t even afford a pack of ramen.

Looking back, I was an idiot for thinking I was exempt to this idea that now is reality. But back then, I didn’t have to worry. I have had a job since the age of 8…. yes 8! I put myself to work during the summers selling lemonade on our busy street corner. I used my innocence to create revenue. I was raking in the dough. Almost 200 dollars a day. Business even picked up when the local news did a story on the girl who could sell pitchers of lemonade to people at the drop of the hat.

Once I was too old, I started working at our family candy shop. To a kid this is the best job in the world…. for a while that is. Then it becomes overwhelming too the point of just hearing about candy makes you cry. Even then I forced myself to keep earning money and stashing it away for when the opportunity was right.

After working at a vet clinic, for five years, I was ready to start college. 22,000 is what I had saved and that is what I had been saving it for. Somehow college managed to wipe my pockets clean. For something that took me 11 years to save had been wiped out in less than 2.

2 whole years and everything my life revolved around was gone. And now I sit here refreshing my account web page in hopes that maybe tomorrow I might actually get to go to the store to buy some ramen. It’s still negative.